New Generation Slide Gate SystemTechnical collaboration of new generation slide gate system has been taken from TYK Corporation, Japan

has been taken from TYK Corporation, Japan who is the world leader in this field

This system implies higher multiple life with much safety so that cost per heat

will go down without taking any risk

Higher stroke length(180 mm for TN80 & 140 mm for TN60) with off centre bore, results higher life of plate
The machine can be operated with existing adapter plate & cylinder with minor change in Bell Crank
Four point tightening system of Plate to have less possibility of crack during use
Better Safety with high heat resistant coil springs
Specially designed geometry of plates to have minimum thermal stress during use
Higher Spigot area of plate to get high face pressure during use resulting less chance of Metal penetration in between plates
Low maintenance
Small & Compact design for easy handling
Life of Plates is 2 – 3 time more then that of existing lower generation mechanism